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Who is SmartGuy®

PLAY THE VIDEO to discover SmartGuy®  -  the largest exclusive directory and business network in the world. SmartGuy® helps businesses grow by exclusively connecting up to 1,500 highly-rated businesses together (one per category)  within each city of the world in a MASSIVE business referral network and then promoting  them collectively to the local public.

Opportunity of a LIFETIME!

SECRET OPPORTUNITY for ONE Real Estate Agent Per City!

While not marketed on their website, you might be able to become the EXCLUSIVE local SmartGuy® City business network leader! There is no hardware, no software and nothing to install - virtually everything is automatic and you can be up and running in just a few short minutes. So what can it do for your real estate career?

BENEFIT 1 - Earn up to $75,000 virtually automatically!

As the Exclusive SmartGuy City leader, you earn $50 USD for every business that joins as a Premium member, whether you refer them or not! Why will every business want to become a Premium member? Because its inexpensive  (only $69 for the year) and its the ONLY way for them to secure their spot as the ONLY professional in their category! Think about it...wouldn't YOU pay be willing to pay about $5 a month to be aligned with up to 1,500 referring businesses?

BENEFIT 2 - Make your life  a little EASIER!
When people ask you for recommended electricians, plumbers, lenders or any of the other 50 or more home-related professionals, you can just say, "Find them on SmartGuy". You no longer need to write down their information, run to the office, look up the contact they wanted and remember to send them.

BENEFIT 3 - THE BIGGEST REASON -  tons and tons of buyer and seller referrals!
You already know the value of referrals - they are the most valuable lead you can get. They are free, trusted and have the highest closing rate. Well... When you are the leader of a MASSIVE business referral  network of up to 1500 local businesses AND you are the only residential real estate agent - THAT"S A LOT OF BUYER AND SELLER LEADS!

SmartGuy® makes it simple! Within a few short minutes, you can be up and running as the EXCLUSIVE business network leader for your city. The SmartGuy® support team will provide you marketing materials and handle customer service, billing  and website support.  Referral payments are sent via PayPal usually within one business day. (There is a nominal $88 monthly  maintenance fee to be the exclusive SmartGuy City Leader.)

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Videos to Watch

Listen in to this short 6 minutes video as Real Estate speaker, trainer and top agent Terri Murphy interviews SmartGuy Founder/CEO Jordan Wexler

Listen to the ACTUAL video Top Real estate agent Brad Korn will be sending  to all his home improvement partners/ referrers to get them on board in the city he secured. (Brad is known as one of very few agents who have sold over 100 homes in each of the last 20 years!)

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